EndCustomer – Insight on demand

What EndCustomer can do for you

  • Key financial trends over five years;
  • Director information, including other directorships;
  • HSE cases check;
  • Company Sanctions check;
  • Location risk assessment, including crime, subsidence, flood and fire response times;
  • An overview of the company’s web and social media presence.
  • And more.

What are the benefits to you?

  • EndCustomer will provide you with fresh insight to help you win and retain customers.
  • This insight is generated for you on demand, consolidating sources and adding value.
  • Professional reports to take along to your next client meeting.
  • Ensures you have accurate information about your potential and current clients.

About EndCustomer

EndCustomer provides on-demand reporting on businesses and their directors, giving you insight into both their business, it's potential risks and opportunities before your first meeting.

An EndCustomer report consolidates data from many trusted resources and provides you with a fast and easy to read report with the minimum of effort.

You can run a report at any time, providing insight into changes at the business ensuring you are ahead of the game when you next meet.

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